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Where to begin?

Top 5 Online Casinos
So you want to register with an online casino, but you don’t know where to begin? With the wide range of online casinos out there, finding the one to match your needs and preferences can be a challenging process. As each casino offers different games and features, it’s important that the casino you register with provides you with the games you like to play, and that as a regular player you’ll be able to receive the best features and rewards when playing them. To make your choice a little bit easier, we have done some research for you. By researching key features of different online casinos such as bonuses, software, the range of games, deposit and withdrawal options and customer support, you can have a better idea of where to begin. Below we explain exactly how these features can affect your level of player satisfaction.  


  You need to know what each casino offers in terms of bonus options before signing up. For example, you should look to see if individual bonuses can be extended to other games and if “first time deposit” bonuses are available to all players.   Don’t forget to read all the details with care (including the small print) and be aware of the language used. Some online casinos may write than bonuses can go “up to” a certain amount, but in reality, with all the terms and conditions in place, it would be highly unlikely for you to ever reach this amount. So make sure to notice words like “up to” and not just get tempted by a high bonus figure.   You are better to register with an online casino that offers good deposits and frequent bonuses for the games that you will play most. You should look for a site that instantly transfers these sums into your account. Most bonuses are however, in the form of credits and not cash and they can be used only in the casino.  


  Almost all online gaming sites have closed source software, meaning that you will need to download the software to your hard drive. Gaming software is generally written by only a few well-known companies and is then bought by most of the gaming sites that then simply designed in accordance with their own logo, colour schemes, etc. This software is secure and fully licensed and is therefore safe for you to download.   Although you may enjoy playing on a website directly, for a better gambling experience with a faster playing speed and more advanced graphics, you should consider registering with a site or two, and then downloading their software.  


  The number of games on offer can vary greatly between different sites. Whilst, some online casinos only offer a handful of classic games, others offer many games with several versions of each, and therefore allow you to benefit from a greater number of options and winning opportunities. We suggest that you choose a site that offers a wider range of games.  

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

  We recommend that you find a site that accepts different payment methods, such as online payments accounts and credit card options. You might need to do some independent research to find these sites which can offer you more flexibility. Good Customer Support. Good customer service is definitely something you should look for when choosing a site, as this can really affect your overall gaming experience. Make sure that your online casino offers “live” customer support, 24/7 telephone and email services, or free tutorials – something to show that good customer service is a priority.