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"We Bring You The Best Deals From The UK's Top Online Casino Sites of 2019"
Welcome to Top UK, In order to bring you a list of the best online casino’s, our team has previewed and analysed a large number of the leading online casino sites and ranked them for your convenience. Their rankings are according to several features that we have paid careful attention to.
The list that we have concluded includes the top casino sites in the UK, that are of course also fully licensed to operate in the UK for residents 18+
Best UK Casino Sites -
  • All Casinos are:
  • UK Licensed
  • Skillfully Reviewed
  • Mobile Friendly
  • £ Fast Cashouts

Finding The Best Slots Casinos

Slots casinos are perhaps the simplest games to play in the online casino world. The great thing about slot games is that although there are countless versions of the game, you just need to know how to play one slot game and you can play them all! Before you get started, you simply need to know how to:  

Observe the Game

Before paying, it’s a good idea to first take time to look at the specific pay table, as each one is slightly different. Players should take notice of the game prizes and whether any particular bet levels bonus games or jackpots are required.  

Select a Coin Size

The player should have a budget in mind and chose a game with an appropriate coin size.  Players will probably want to have at least 30 spins.  


When playing online, the player’s online balance will be transferred towards whatever game is selected.  

Choose a Bet Size

This will depend on whether the player is using the classic three spinning reel slots or video slots. In the classic slots, players press the Bet Max button, and the maximum amount of coins is bet and the reel is spun. In video slots, the player has more options as there is a greater selection of buttons. These buttons include: Bet One: the player bets one credit each time this button is pressed. Bet Max:  the player bets the maximum number of coins and starts a spin. Spin Button – the player spins the reel at his current bet size. Coins per Line – the player can bet one or more coins per pay line by pressing this button. After choosing a bet size, players can begin spinning the reels. To continue betting the same amount, players can just keep clicking ‘Spin’ or they can press the ‘Bet Max’ button to bet the maximum amount of coins.  

Cashing Out

When players hit a win they want to cash, they can press the ‘Bank’ button be taken to the online casino’s banking section. There players can choose to withdraw some or all of their bankroll.  

Additional Buttons

There are additional buttons which are generally found on slots. These include a ‘Help’ button which is mainly found on video slots allowing players to access the rules of the games, bonus details, and other useful information about the specific game being played. There will also be a “Start” button to start free spins and often a “Gamble’ button that allows players to gamble their wins, giving them a chance to double their cash.