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Casino Rating – Our star system explained

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Here we explain how we assess and rate online casinos. We have researched the range of sites out there and have our own unique method of ranking sites in accordance with our star ratings system.  

Our star system explained

  To determine the star rating, we look for information about ease of use, graphics, safety, deposit and withdrawal options, and payment and bonus options. We also consider professional reviews as well as customer reviews. We make sure to have the full picture before deciding on our star rating – the better the casino, the higher the star rating. Below we explain in more detail the factors we assess to arriving at our star rating.  

Ease of use

  We can often see if a site is user friendly simply be entering it and looking at the homepage. If there are a number of different boxes and pop-ups on the screen as soon as we enter the site, we quickly realise that the site is not user-friendly. We look for a simple, clean layout so that you, the player, can navigate your way around the site to find the games you actually want to play.  


  Although there are only a number of companies writing the gaming software, we still expect there to be variation in graphics between the sites. We look for unique logos and colour schemes and we check to see if players can customise some of the graphical features, such as the style of the playing cards.  


  One of the most important factors when rating sites, is that they are safe and secure. We check to see that software is safe and easy to download, that updates are easy to install, and that transactions are made without risks of spyware, viruses or other hitches. Players financial information and personal details should be protected and the site should have a policy that provides flexible, secure payment options. We look to see that sites take credits cards, online payment systems and transfer options.  

Payments and bonus options

This is another factor that weighs heavily on our star rating system. We look for immediacy of payments and good bonus options. If players have to either spend a large sum or jump through too many hoops to receive bonuses, this will negatively impact the star rating of the site. We additionally take players’ and professionals’ views into consideration when arriving at our star rating. We use at least two professional reviews and five consumer reviews. All this allows us to give online casinos a fair review and rating which we can share with you.