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What You Need to Know about Bonuses and Promotions

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There are many different online casino sites out there, each one competing to obtain your business, offering incentives for you to register and continue playing on its site. As well as welcome bonuses and “free money” bonuses, there are other promotions you can only benefit from when you actually start playing games.  

Promotions in Detail

  There are several different types of promotions for you to enjoy. These range from welcome bonuses (first time, second time, and even third time deposit promotions) to payment method promotions, that give you a percentage of the deposit if you use a particular payment method, and referral awards that you can receive for recommending the site to a friend. Some of the better online casinos provide comp points to more advanced players, which you get simply by making bets, whether you win or lose.   When deciding which casino to register with, you might want to select one that gives its promotional funds in different stages, so you can enjoy the benefits for longer. If you want to explore different sites without putting down significant payments, make sure you choose a site with a welcome bonus, allowing you the freedom to try.   These initial bonuses will either give you free money when you make a deposit or they will deposit credit into your account when you register. Check to make sure there are no catches to accessing these funds and that you can start using them towards playing immediately.  

Terms and Conditions

  Most casinos apply terms and conditions to their promotional deals, and you need to be aware of them! Sometimes these terms and conditions are so restrictive that it’s virtually impossible for you to actually receive what you think is being offered. You should be looking for a fairly small “minimum deposit” figure listed in the terms and conditions, and a reasonable wager requirement.   The wager requirement can often seem quite complex, but it really is quite simple. For example, if the casino you have selected sets a “x20” requirement for their promotional rewards, you must play at least 20 times your deposit in order to receive the bonus. If you deposit £10, this means you must place bets of at least £200 before you can withdraw the bonus. The wagering requirement may even decrease the more you play, meaning that the second and third deposit promotions require a lower wagering minimum.   Payment methods rewards are also subject to terms and conditions, as they required the player to pay using a particular method. These rewards generally range between ten and fifteen percent of the initial deposit amount.   Referral rewards tend to be offered to frequent players only. The online casino will award you, usually with real money, if you recommend the site to a friend.