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Chances and Odds

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If you’re new to online gambling and you’ve been looking for tips and advice before getting started, you will most likely have been told that you need a clear game strategy. With a strategy in place, you’ll have decided in advance what bets and decisions to make in different scenarios, rather than relying on a series of haphazard moves. What you should know, however, is that no strategy can secure you a win. A strategy may be able to help you make moves that will probably be in your favour, but with uncontrollable factors in each game, there are no guarantees.   There is an element of chance present in all casino games with the roll of the dice, the spin of the wheel or the deal of the cards. Because there are no definite outcomes, most strategies are based on understanding probability and bankroll management. Below we set out some of the most known gambling strategies, not as recommendations, but simply to show you the theories that many online players are applying to their online gaming.

 Managing the Bankroll & Calculating your Odds

  Managing your bankroll is an important aspect of online gambling, particularly in games like roulette. In this game, there is a wheel and ball with numbers on it, and players place bets on where the ball will land. A player who wants to leave less to chance, will make bets that cover more numbers, for instance, all even numbers rather than one specific number. These bets, known as “outside bets”, provide higher chances of winning but the prize money for a win is smaller. If players are aiming to make their bankroll last longer, their strategy would be to avoid putting a large wager on a single number bet. Players can use the same strategy of drawing out the bankroll in slot games. If players are trying to increase their chances of a high payout they usually have to place the full wager, but they don’t need to make the bet at the highest coin value. By doing this, players have upped their chances of winning without risking a big loss. When it comes to blackjack, with the many tactics out there, deciding what one to use can be particularly complicated. Most strategies depend on whether you’re holding a “hard” hand (without an ace) or a “soft” hand (with an ace). The most common strategy is for the player to assume that the dealer’s face down card is valued at ten. This is because of probability – in a deck of cards, there are more single cards with a value of ten than any other single card. There are many different strategies that you can bring into play. We recommend for players to test them on free money games to decide what strategies work best for them, before playing for real.