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Casino Bonus – What to choose?

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As there are so many casinos competing for your business, each offers bonuses and promotions in an attempt to reel you in. All bonuses are different and some will suit your playing habits more than others. Here we explain how you can make the most of these deals.  

Understanding The Bonus

  First, you should be aware that terms and conditions are attached to all bonuses! You need to make sure that the bonuses being offered are accessible and don’t require you to jump through an unrealistic number of hoops.   Many casinos offer welcome bonuses and “free money” bonuses to new players. Sometimes these are in the form of a percentage of the deposit and sometimes they are a fixed amount. In both cases, players will have to meet the terms and conditions before actually enjoying the bonuses being offered.   Picture this scenario. You find a casino that seems to be just right for you. The site uses excellent software, the graphics are incredible, a wide range of games are available and there is 24/7 customer support. Then you notice that they offer a 30% bonus on your first deposit. Things just keep getting better… until  you read the fine print! You’ve deposited £100, so you’re expecting to receive a £30 bonus. Then you see that the site sets a x20 requirement, meaning that you will need to place 20 bets equivalent to your initial deposit. This means that you will need to have placed £2000 worth of bets before you get your bonus of £30. This 30% bonus doesn’t look so good anymore, does it?   What can we understand from the above example? Are bonuses just empty incentives that players should ignore? NO! Some bonuses really do offer excellent deals with very reasonable terms and conditions attached. Take referral bonuses, for example – these allow players to receive money simply by referring friends to the site. You just need to send your friends a link taken from the casino site and if they register and make a deposit, you receive a reward!  There is also the comp point system, which rewards you with points for every pound you spend. These points can then be used as credits towards your favorite games or for experimenting with strategies without risking your own money.   A final deal that you can enjoy is the payment method bonus. This bonus works by rewarding you for using a particular payment method or for registering a new credit card or online payment account. You will generally receive a small percentage of your initial deposit straight into your account.